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Tranont X Factor | March 10–12 | Salt Lake City

At Tranont 2023 Global Convention, we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary and 10 years of changing lives for good.

In roman numerals, X is 10. So what better time to recognize, build, and celebrate your Tranont X Factor!

X Fac·tor



1. a noteworthy special talent or quality

2. a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome

Have you ever heard someone refer to the X Factor?

* In sports, X Factor players have unique and exceptional skills.

* In dating, X Factor matches have irresistible traits that draw them to each other.

* In algebra, The X Factor is an unknown but vital quality that you must solve.

* And at Tranont, CSO Courtland Pearson explains what the X Factor means:

“Your Tranont X Factor is maximizing your health, your hustle, and your happiness—which line up directly with Tranont’s three pillars—Health, Wealth, and Community. Convention will feature life-changing calls to action to help you become a Tranont triple-threat through every facet of the event: in speeches, trainings from stage, and training materials.”

Come to Convention in Salt Lake City  to find the X Factor in YOU!

The event will be filled with vision, strategies, and tools to help you exceed your potential and take your business to the next level:

* General Sessions with announcements, product reveals, and game-changing training.

* Workshops from proven, highly successful Tranont field leaders.

* Recognition with inspiring, fun, and exciting success stories.

* Optional activities packed with energy, fun, and a few surprises too.

* Networking, swag, and unforgettable moments to last a lifetime.

Join us at Convention to become the X Factor. In your business. In your life. In the world.