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The ScoopTLA X Factor: What sets extraordinary leaders apart?

We’re halfway through our tenth anniversary year. The celebrations have been fun, the new products and promotions have been a delight. But, now it’s time to take what we’ve learned from the past decade and propel the future forward. Ten years only marks the beginning of our legacy of change!

At our X Factor Convention in March 2023, we learned how Tranont associates are the X Factor. In this post, we’ll delve into how to use that X Factor to make your mark on the future by being an extraordinary leader. 

What is the X Factor?

The X factor is an elusive concept referring to a quality that makes someone stand out from the crowd. It's challenging to pinpoint exactly what constitutes the X factor in a leader, but here are some attributes extraordinary leaders commonly possess:


Leaders with the X Factor radiate authenticity, staying true to themselves and exuding confidence in their unique qualities and talents. They’re not afraid to showcase their genuine selves, making themselves more relatable and appealing to others.


Those with the X Factor often possess a visionary mindset that goes beyond the ordinary. They dare to think outside the box, challenge conventions, and envision new possibilities that others may overlook.


The X Factor is closely tied to a passion and dedication to your goals. This enthusiasm can ignite future pursuits and propel you toward greatness.


The journey towards greatness is often filled with obstacles and setbacks. The X Factor often comes hand in hand with resilience: The ability to bounce back from failures and persist in the face of adversity.

Develop your X Factor leadership traits at TLAX

While these traits can provide a foundation for the X Factor, they are also leadership skills that can be developed and learned. At TLAX, you’ll experience education, training, and mentorship to improve your abilities and become a more effective leader.

The X Factor is within reach for anyone willing to put in the effort to cultivate it.

Join us at Tranont Leadership Academy, September 23–24, in Las Vegas to nurture and develop the X Factor in YOU! 

The event will be filled with vision, strategies, and tools to help you exceed your potential:

     ° Be the first to experience and buy an all-new product

     ° Get exclusive access to executive leaders

     ° Gather personalized tips & tricks from highly successful field leaders 

     ° Upgrade to our VIP experience for premium perks, & freebies

     ° Experience networking, fun, and unforgettable moments to last a lifetime

Join us and develop X Factor leadership qualities for your business, your life, and your world.