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Replenish is one of our newest products: A powerful brew consisting of seven mushrooms, ashwagandha, and fulvic acid, which work together synergistically to help support body function, promote restful sleep & stress management, and improve skin health. We're so excited about the business-boosting potential Replenish brings to our product line. Not only will you and your Customers love it, but it will help you gain new Customers as well.   

As you think about how to promote and share Replenish, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

1– Order a Package and Try It Yourself 

  • You’ll love the health benefits, the flavor, and how easy it is to fit into your wellness routine. Once you enjoy Replenish, talking about it will feel natural! Share your experience and knowledge with people you know—your enthusiasm will be contagious!  
  • Consider ordering an extra package to have on hand so you can show it to people as you talk about your favorite features and benefits. You may even want to brew a sample for them to try.  

2– Share It with Everyone  

  • With 7 types of mushrooms—not to mention beneficial nutrients like ashwagandha, shilajit, and fulvic acid, Replenish is a nutritional powerhouse that can benefit everyone! 
  • For busy friends looking for time to relax: Tell them how Replenish provides nutrition, your body needs to relax and replenish itself after a long day. It’s the perfect way to begin a calming wind-down routine. 
  • For active friends looking to try the latest health trend: Talk about how mushrooms are quickly gaining popularity, and how Replenish provides the highest quality of mushrooms to support whole-body function, plus fulvic aid to help capture all the beneficial nutrients in each serving.  
  • For beautiful friends looking for glowing, clear skin: Tell them about the tremella mushroom in Replenish, which has skin-enhancing properties that span from increased moisturization and skin hydration to improved skin elasticity and complexion support. 
  • For hard-working friends who don’t have time to feel less than their best: Talk about the immunity-supporting ingredients in Replenish like the maitake, haga, turkey tail, and oyster mushroom, as well as antioxidant-rich cinnamon.  

3– Share It Everywhere  

  • Look for opportunities to share the benefits of Replenish on social media, in person, in your Tranont presentations and events—everywhere!  
  • Create excitement by sharing when you’ve ordered or received yours and point out some reasons you’re excited to try it. 
  • Share how you’re implementing Replenish into your daily routine and all your positive results. 

4– Use Available Resources 

  • Visit the Replenish webpage  as a quick reference to key ingredients, and product features and benefits. Remember to share your link to make shopping easy for Customers. 
  • Use the Replenish shareable images  to create opportunities to interact with your Customers via social media or email.

Keep up the great work, and as you share, remember to have fun along the way!