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Change your life and the trajectory of your Tranont business by joining us with your team members September 23–24, 2022, in Atlanta! Tranont Leadership Academy will uplift, inspire, enrich, empower, and activate. We’re changing lives all over the world, and this event will propel us forward on our mission to impact a billion lives for good. Make sure you’re with us! 

We’ll feature Tranont’s three pillars—Health, Wealth, Community—with life-changing calls to action through every facet of the event: in speeches, trainings from stage, and training materials. 

Messages and materials will help guide attendees along the path to maximizing your health, your hustle, and your happiness—which line up directly with Tranont’s three pillars. 

TLA will help you become a Tranont triple-threat as you develop new habits and respond to powerful calls to action, learning from field leaders and Tranont owners and executives. 

Let’s take a deeper look into why you should attend, why your team members should attend, how to prepare in advance, and how to get the most out of your experience: 

Why YOU Should Attend 

  • Define or recommit to your dream. 
  • Discover your potential and your value. 
  • See the incredible potential and value of others. 
  • Set goals and learn how to achieve them. 
  • Get better perspective on how to #ChangeLife. 
  • Learn skills, best practices and insights to improve your effectiveness. 
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of Tranont’s impactful products, life-changing business opportunity, and uplifting community focus. 
  • Build a strong support group through networking and strengthening relationships. 
  • Be the example to your team and help them grow. 
  • Borrow courage and strength from others from their stories of perseverance and commitment.  

Why You Should Help Your TEAM MEMBERS to Attend 

  • You love your team and want them to succeed! 
  • Your team members need hear from you how imperative attendance is for their success. 
  • They’ll enjoy every benefit listed in Why YOU Should Attend. 

How to Prepare in Advance 

  • Identify some skills you want to refine, and set a goal to talk with at least 3 people about those skills during the event (write a summary of each conversation along with the relevant skills taught from stage). 
  • Identify the habits you want to develop, and set a goal to talk with at least 3 people about those habits during the event (write a summary of each conversation along with the relevant habits taught from stage). 
  • Talk in advance with at least 3 mentors about ways to optimize your time at TLA. 
  • Review the agenda carefully so you don’t miss anything!

How to Optimize Your Time During the Event 

  • Be on time. 
  • Put away your phone, and focus, focus, FOCUS. You are at TLA to change your life; don’t let outside worries and day-to-day issues get in the way. 
  • Take notes and review them often in the future. 
  • Discuss what you learn with your team and with your mentors. 
  • Based upon what you learn, focus on how you’ll change your daily activities and habits after the Convention. 

How to Change the Trajectory of Your Life and Business After the Event 

  • Put your heart into the event! Be inspired. Experience defining moments—moments that change you. Take those defining moments and never forget them. 
  • Beginning the first day after TLA, implement those habits you committed to. Make sure that you do those habits every day for 20 consecutive days, then those habits will become lifestyle changes that will elevate you and your business. 
  • Review your notes frequently.  

As you experience this Tranont event you’ll gain courage to forge ahead toward your dreams, you’ll learn new skills to help you succeed, and you’ll obtain a clearer vision of the mission, vision, and values of Tranont, and the power of each of the three pillars in Tranont: Health, Wealth, Community.  

Join us as we power forward to #ChangeLife and impact a billion lives for good.