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The ScoopGive the gift of kindness all year long

The start of a new year is the perfect time to consider ways we can make a positive impact on the world around us. Giving back to your community reduces stress and boosts your sense of purpose. So, to make serving your community in 2024 easier, and more fun, we’ve put together a list of themes & ideas for each month of the year. Bookmark this page and come back for practical ideas to make a difference all year long!

January: New beginnings and wellness

Look for projects and events that focus on health and prevention through healthy lifestyle programs. Care for the sick by working with hospitals and local support groups, or get involved by organizing and teaching a community fitness or nutrition class.

February: Love your neighbors

This is the month that celebrates love. Show you care with small acts of kindness such as a phone call to an old friend, a visit to a lonely neighbor, or a letter to a distant relative. For more ideas, visit this post on 50 acts of kindness:

March: Spring cleaning

Sift through your closets for clothing and household items you no longer use and donate them! Don’t forget about giving things like books to your local library, outgrown sports equipment to a youth center, extra sheets and blankets to an animal shelter, or forgotten pantry items to a food bank. 

April: Nature and green spaces

It’s Earth day this month and warmer weather is on its way. Help clean up your neighborhoods, parks, and public spaces. It’s also a great time to plant a tree, start potted plants that you can give away, or help a neighbor start a garden. 

May: Mental health in your community

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it's a great time to educate yourself on mental health topics, share content online, or participate and volunteer in events to help raise awareness of mental illness.

June: Celebrate diversity

Get to know your neighbors with different cultures, traditions, and backgrounds. Attend and celebrate cultural events to promote diversity and inclusivity in your community.

July: Summer service 

There are many fun volunteer opportunities that are only available during the summer. Check out how to get involved in local summer kids’ camps, farmer’s markets, or city celebrations. And when the kids are out of school, your whole family can participate! Get more ideas summer service ideas for families here:

August: Focus on our furry friends     

It’s the dog days. Why not focus on animals and pets? Helping to better the lives of animals is a gratifying experience. Contact your local shelter and volunteer. Or, if you’re short on time, many shelters also accept donations like food, treats, toys, blankets, cleaning supplies, and more.

September: Back-to-school support

Help ensure that students in your community have the tools they need for a successful year. Participate in or organize a back-to-school drive to collect and distribute school supplies for students in need.

October: Community safety & preparedness

Harvest time brings opportunities to preserve, prepare, and focus on safety. Check with local law enforcement to see if you can participate in any safety workshops or neighborhood watch programs in your area. Educate yourself, then share to empower others with supplies and knowledge.

November: Help others have a happy Thanksgiving

Around the Thanksgiving holidays, it can be difficult for volunteer organizations to gather needed donations and volunteers. Contact a local food pantry or shelter and ask them what they need. Fill the needs by donating food, hygiene kits, or a few hours of time to serve a meal at a soup kitchen.

December: Holiday giving 

Spread holiday cheer in your community to make others happy and create a warm and festive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Be on the lookout for ways to spread joy and kindness. For example, donate toys and gifts to those less fortunate, deliver cookies to friends and neighbors, go caroling at a senior center, or make a point to support local businesses.

Serving your community is always a rewarding experience, and these are just a few ideas to get you started. Create a year-round plan in 2024 to make a lasting impact on the community you call home. And remember, as you try these ideas or some of your own, be sure to share your experience with us using #liftwhereyoulive or #lwyl so you can inspire others to Change Life as well.