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The ScoopAn inside peek at how Tranont products are made

At Tranont, we’re firmly committed to creating high-quality products for our customers. As part of our commitment, we’ve developed a Transparency Promise which offers an open view into our products.

We're all about creating products that you can trust to be safe and effective—let’s dig a little deeper into the process behind each Tranont product.

1- Formulas backed by science

Our product experts have the right qualifications —PhD degrees and experience formulating products—to recommend the best raw materials, identify the correct dosages, recommend any modifications we should make, and they even help identify the best packaging options.

We also work with third-party experts on our Scientific Advisory Board to validate our processes. Our Scientific Advisory Board brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and ingenuity to our process, always ensuring our ingredients and formulas are supported by advanced scientific evidence and research.

2- Sourcing the best raw materials

Quality products require quality ingredients. So we specifically choose ingredients known for their potency and purity from reputable suppliers that meet our quality and safety standards. We also keep up with the latest science to continually improve our products and ensure we’re always obtaining the best materials available.

You deserve to know exactly what you’re putting into your body, so we only use manufacturers that we trust to source the exact ingredients we have specified in our formula. We also look to use trademark ingredients and blends to add another level of trust to our products.

3- Test, screen, analyze, repeat

Once we’ve secured our high-quality raw materials and ingredients we begin a thorough testing process. Testing takes place at accredited laboratories and includes several screening processes to determine the safety, efficacy, and quality of each ingredient. We always make sure:

  • •  All heavy metal levels, naturally present in plants, are within the safe parameters outlined by the FDA and USDA
  • •  Any allergens are detected and identified
  • •  Dosage amount is both safe and effective for each ingredient in the final product 
  • •  All product claims are substantiated
  • •  Ingredients and their components are accurately represented on our Supplement Facts Panels

4- Superior Manufacturing Practices

Our products are always made in facilities that are certified to follow Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). The GMP seal on the label of each of our products means our manufacturers must meet specific quality standards to ensure every product has the right identity, purity, strength, and composition.

What is GMP?

GMP refers to Good Manufacturing Practices or quality standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration. GMP regulations address steps at every stage of the manufacturing process such as record keeping, cleanliness, equipment & ingredient verification, and compliant handling.

Tranont invests time, effort and resources into the manufacturing of our natural products to ensure quality at every step of the product development process. The safety and quality of our products is our #1 priority as we support your healthy lifestyle.