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The ScoopThe fiber factor: Elevating your wellness game

Fiber often plays the role of the unsung hero in nutrition, yet its benefits are nothing short of extraordinary. Let's delve into why fiber is crucial for your well-being and explore some simple strategies to ensure you're getting an ample daily amount.

What is fiber?

Found in plant-based foods, fiber is a unique carbohydrate that resists digestion in the body. Rather than being a drawback, this resistance is where its magic lies.

Are you getting enough?

Chances are, you're not hitting the fiber mark. Research shows that a mere 5 percent of Americans meet the recommended daily target of 25–38 grams, as set by the Academy of Medicine. 

Five health benefits of fiber

1. Gut harmony

Fiber fuels the good bacteria in your gut, promoting a flourishing microbiome.

2. Digestive ease

By adding bulk and softness to stool, fiber enhances digestive regularity.

3. Satiety sustained

Fiber-rich foods fill you up faster and keep you feeling full longer.

4. Softens glucose spikes

Fiber helps slow down your body’s absorption of sugar to prevent spikes after meals.

5. All-natural detox

Fiber naturally scrubs away toxins to support GI tract elimination. 

Boosting your fiber intake

For those not accustomed to a fiber-rich diet, gradual increases are key. Remember to stay well hydrated to help ease the fiber journey through your GI tract, leading to less stomach discomfort like gas, bloating, or cramping.

Transform your efforts

While whole foods should be your primary fiber source, a dietary supplement like Transform can complement your efforts. Packed with powerful enzymes, Transform converts dietary sugar into fiber, enhancing the benefits of a fiber-rich diet, regulating glucose absorption, and supporting metabolic health.