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We wouldn’t call him a know-it-all, but... VP of Sales Craig Kotter DOES know his stuff! We met up with Craig to talk about his favorite subject: eating well and dominating in the gym—WAIT! That’s another article. This Craig Kotter favorite is Enrollment Bundles from Tranont. 

TRANONT: There’s plenty of “amazing” throughout the Tranont Sales Compensation Plan: bonuses, Jeeps, trips and so much more. What is it about Enrollment Bundles that has you so fired up?
CRAIG: There’s a lot to love about these awesome bundles. First, there’s no better way for your new Associates to get a great experience with Tranont products right out of the gates—and at a discount! Then there’s the fact that the sponsor—YOU— can earn the Launch Bonuses on every purchase. When Courtland [Pearson, Chief Sales Officer] and the Sales team and I talk about “bricks, walls and cities” with Tranont compensation, we’re looking at doing the basic things, repeatedly, that lead to bigger things becoming possible.

TQ: Tell us more about the “bricks, walls and cities” you talk about.
CK: The bricks are the activities and habits that build upon each other, becoming “walls” and, eventually, “cities.” Your classic Tranont bricks are things like earning $1,000 through the 10 & 3 Challenge... getting paid on 50% of Customer Point volume with the Customer Sharing Bonus... Launch Bonuses from Enrollment Bundle purchases... the Jeep Bonus program... and so much more. Teams with the most momentum right now are making it a simple decision to join Tranont. If you help people begin their Tranont experience with an Enrollment Bundle, that brick acts as the foundation. You can get a few bricks yourself, but you won’t have much of a wall. But if you’re getting bricks and helping others with the same activities, you’re on your way to a wall, and then a city, etc. That duplication is what brings momentum. If your team promotes Enrollment Bundles as “that’s just what we do,” the standard for your team is elevated, and everyone’s building walls instead of just collecting bricks. 

TQ: What is the most common question Associates ask you?
CK: Easy—I get asked what I would do if I were joining Tranont today!

TQ: And what is your answer to that?
CK: The Platinum Enrollment Bundle is my simplest suggestion. Obviously it’s the best deal for learning about Tranont’s amazing products, and the Care-to-Share codes are fantastic for helping others learn about products, but there’s another gem in there that people should jump on, and that’s the Convention-registration credit. 

TQ: Where do you think Convention ranks in importance for Associates serious about business-building?
CK: We are big believers in the fact that our future Diamond ranks attend Convention. That’s why that large credit is applied to the Platinum Bundle, because setting your sights on Diamond happens at Convention. That’s how you get the most out of your Tranont experience. 

TQ: Tell us how Enrollment Bundles play into volume.
CK: We’ve gotta talk about the volume! Here’s what I love about the Enrollment Bundles: It’s not just the best option for learning and exposure to the products; you’ve actually got built-in volume that supports faster advancement in rank. When a new Associate purchases a Platinum Enrollment Bundle, their commitment level is already high. The Enrollment Bundles trigger Launch Bonuses of $100–300 per bundle, which makes a new Associate that much more excited to be sharing and building. Then, when they help three others to join Tranont with that same product pack, the volume helps them achieve Jade [the first level in the Tranont Sales Compensation Plan], and they’re “Jeep-qualified,” and their momentum has started with their first three enrollments! Platinum Bundle purchasers advance way faster when they’re building with the same model.

Tranont created the Enrollment Bundles to showcase products, to pay a great bonus, and help new Associates get to Convention and press their business forward. Talk with your sponsor or call Customer Support if you have any questions!