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Don’t you love the burst of excitement you feel at the sight of red & white candy canes lining the store shelves this time of year? It’s a delicious sign that the holiday season is finally here! 

Peppermint has always been a shining star of the season, and this recipe is a sweet, healthy way to indulge in the delightfully minty flavor. 

There are only three ingredients, it’s super easy, and it uses Enhance Peppermint Creamer  for an added level of energy and focus that’s perfect for present-wrapping, all-day-shopping, tree-decorating, baking-marathon, hustle-and-bustle kind of days.

Take your hot cocoa game to another level, and add a delicious twist of peppermint to pies, brownies, fresh berries, pancakes, waffles, milkshakes, or even frosting for cupcakes—without adding any additional sugar!

CLICK HERE  for a printable version of the recipe.

Keep a bowl of this topping in your fridge and make the most of peppermint season this year. You’ll find lots of ways to use it, and we won’t even tell if you end up eating a small bowl of it—all by itself.