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A Head Start on How

If you’ve never done it, sharing products and business opportunities can feel awkward. Still, with a little practice and focus on being genuine and authentic, it gets simpler. The biggest key is to be present: Listen as people describe their day, frustrations, dreams, pains... and when the time is right, see if Tranont offers something that may work for them. See if some of the following can work for your texts, calls, emails, video chats, etc.:


“I saw you asked about __________ the other day, so when I saw this, I totally thought of you.”

“_________ is an amazing product we’ve been trying at our house. I’ll send you a sample so you can see what we’re so excited about!”

“I don’t know all the science around _________, but the research says great things about it! I’ve been using it for a while, and I’m loving the _______! I’ll send you a sample to try it for yourself.”

“I’m using _________ to help me _________, so maybe it’s worth a try for you.”

“I’m so glad I found ________! It’s made such a difference. I think you’d love it!”

“I’m sending you something that has really made a difference in our household. Give it a try for a couple of days, and I’ll check back with you to answer any questions.”

"You’re so good at ________. Have you ever thought about a side gig like mine? I think you could be so great at it!”

“I really love what I’m doing to supplement my income! My favorite part is _________. Would you be open to hearing more”

Follow-Up Questions

“Hey! Just following up — did the link work for you? Do you have any questions?”

“Check out this product story my friend just sent. We need to get your order placed!”

“I was just putting in some orders. Have you decided which products you want to start with? I can get your order in with mine.”

“Hey! I’m just checking in — I want to make sure you get in on the limited-time-only offer.”

“Hi! I wanted to hear your thoughts on getting started. How does it look to you?”

Whether you’re sharing in person, by text, on social media or by sending samples through the mail, add your own personal touch and spread the word!