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November 2021

Make it a November to Remember

Declare November a month of new adventures and exciting growth for your business with FIVE promotions designed to help you start conversations, stand out from the crowd, and build momentum just in time for the holiday season!

Help your Customers help themselves

It’s a great time to subscribe and save! All Customers showing a Subscription order for anytime in November 2021 get Associate pricing on any other orders between Nov. 1–29.

There are no minimum-order requirements, so tell your Customers about this fantastic opportunity!

Sensational Subscriptions & shipping

You know the convenience and value of having a monthly Subscription order, and this month we’re shouting about this for all Customers and Associates:

If you complete a Subscription order in November, and have at least two health products on your Subscription order in December, ...we’ll credit your account $10 toward shipping December’s Subscription order!

That’s something you AND your Customers can enjoy, so spread the word!

Help Customers upgrade

Spread the word to your Tranont product fanatics: When they upgrade their Customer account to Associate in November, they’ll pay just $49—a savings of $50!

25% more PV

In November 2021, when you sign up a new Associate with an Enrollment Pack, you—and they—score an additional 25% PV! Here’s how it looks for each one:

  • Platinum Enrollment Pack – 625 PV (up from 500)
  • Gold Enrollment Pack – 375 PV (up from 300)
  • Silver Enrollment Pack – 188 PV (up from 150)

$20,000 bonus opportunity

It’s always an exciting time to join Tranont, and now we’ve got a special promotion for your new rocking-&-rolling leaders:

Associates who join Tranont in November, and achieve Emerald by April 2022*, can qualify for a unique Builder Bonus of $20,000!

* Must hold for 2nd consecutive month after first month of qualification. For example, if you close April 2022 as Emerald, you must maintain Emerald rank through the end of May 2022 to qualify for this special bonus.