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August 2022


This month we’re setting a challenge to reward more 10 & 3 bonus checks than ever before! To make it possible, we’re declaring August a “skip month.” This means EVERYONE can qualify for a 10 & 3 bonus without having it count toward your qualification rank restrictions! (Your July status will count toward your September qualification eligibility.)

There are so many exciting promotions happening in August—leverage these opportunities to reach out to potential new Customers and team members and run for an extra $1,000 this month!


During August, when new Associates sign up with the Beauty Bundle or Core Health Bundle, they’ll also receive:

  • 50% off Membership fee for new Associates
  • $40 launch bonus for direct sponsors
  • Counts toward 10 & 3 Challenge qualifications


From August 4-14, new Glow customers get an extra discount on Glow 2-pack subscription orders. (A savings of over $15 off the regular price!) The discount applies for up to 3 consecutive months on subscription orders placed within promotion dates. So, get ready to start talking about Glow and get a head start on your 10 & 3 bonus this month!

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Don’t forget the summer collection runs until August 14, 2022 and features four summertime product bundles with special subscription discounts!

CLICK HERE to shop the promo


Rolling Incentive Trip Points:

There’s no need to wait for an incentive trip earning period to earn points for signing up for a Tranont Life policy or referring others. Any applicable points will now roll to the next trip (even if it hasn’t yet been announced!)

Enrollment Fee Coupon (U.S. only):

When you schedule and complete a qualified wealth-plan meeting with one of our Wealth Specialists, you’ll earn a coupon to pass on to a new team member for a FREE enrollment fee! Sign up for a Tranont Life policy and earn 2 additional FREE enrollment coupons!

$5,000 Bonus for the top Emerald+ Wealth Producer:

In August, September, and October, the Emerald or higher rank leader with the most open-line qualified appointments in a calendar month will earn a $5,000 bonus! (Appointments must be scheduled and completed in the calendar month.

ME + 3 Wealth Ambassador Program:

When you have a Tranont Life Policy in place and have 3 directly-sponsored Associates who also have a Tranont Life policy, you’ll qualify for an extra 10% added to your Customer Sharing Bonus for 6 months. That means 25% will go to 35%, and 50% goes to 60%! (Current active policies qualify, as well as new policies submitted in August.)

Women of Tranont Financial Series:

We’re excited to introduce our first-ever financial seminar series! It’s geared especially for women to learn how to pay down debt quicker and get on the path to financial independence. The first seminar will be Wednesday, August 10 at 5:00pm MT

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