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    Neutralizes oral acid, strengthens teeth and gums, fights plaque, cleans teeth and prevents bad breath


    Maintains a balanced oral pH, strengthens tooth enamel, and brightens teeth for added confidence in your smile


    Nanosilver & nanogold technology for powerful, natural protection, plus no harsh foaming agents and SLS, sulfate, and alcohol free

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A safer way to a confident smile

Your mouth is full of bacteria, both good and bad. To effectively kill the bad bacteria (or plaque), you need something that’s powerful, effective, and—most importantly—safe. Since silver is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, we infused each product with tiny, nano-sized particles of silver to do exactly that. Once the plaque barrier is broken, all the other benefits of healthy oral hygiene will follow. 




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Frequently asked questions

How does Illuminate help keep my mouth healthy?

Illuminate uses ingredients that have naturally powerful cleansing properties to help clean and protect your mouth, while still promoting the good bacteria your mouth needs to remain healthy.

What makes Illuminate unique from other natural toothpastes?

Our nanotechnology provides the most effective and safest nano-silver solution available. Our nanoparticles are manufactured by a patented process that creates uniformly sized, spherical, nonionic nanoparticles, delivering thousands of times more active nanoparticles per serving compared to colloidal silver products on the market (the more nanoparticles available, the more opportunities available to keep your mouth clean!). Plus, Illuminate also contains natural ingredients like xylitol, hydroxyapatite, and sodium cocoyl glutamate, which help to clean, protect, and support your teeth and gums.

What is nanotechnology, and what does it do?

Through the science of nanotechnology, we reduce silver and gold to nano-sized particles, which are approximately a billionth of a meter. These tiny silver and gold nanoparticles work together to neutralize oral acid and restore pH balance to the mouth. Not only are they more effective at breaking down bacteria and plaque than alcohol, but these particles are also especially effective at helping to reduce the production of bad-breath bacteria, which helps to prevent cavities and improve overall oral health.

What is the size of your nanoparticles, and why does that matter?

Our technology creates 8-nanometer particles at 30 ppm (parts per million). Colloidal stability, environmental impact, and where the particles end up in the human body are all dependent on size and shape. If nanoparticles are too small (e.g., less than 2 nanometers) or too large, they can become unstable. These unstable particles can emit dangerous ions, which often get stuck in organs or tissues, which results in toxicity. Particles with complex shapes are also more likely to get stuck in tissues, which also can result in toxicity. Our solid, smooth-surfaced nanoparticles are perfect spheres that do not fall apart or emit ions, making them remarkably stable and safe. When choosing Illuminate, you can be confident there is no toxicity.

How does nanotechnology differ from colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver doesn’t have a set size or shape—two factors that can cause instability and can result in toxicity (FYI: Toxicity is bad). Our silver nanoparticles are created by a patented laser-ablation process which yields nanoparticles that are non-ionic, uniformly sized, and perfectly shaped spheres, making them remarkably stable and safe. Since every nanoparticle is uniform in size, we’re able to deliver far more useful particles at a lower PPM.

What do the silver nanoparticles do, and why are they included in Illuminate?

This advanced, natural cleaning agent offers a non-toxic, non-burning alternative to oral care that can effectively break through the plaque barrier to neutralize oral acid so that calcium and xylitol can be delivered directly to your tooth’s surface.

What do the gold nanoparticles do, and why are they included in Illuminate?

The gold is important because it helps put—and keep—silver in the spotlight for as long as possible. The gold nanoparticles bind to the silver and hold them in place longer so they can have a greater impact on the tooth’s surface over a longer period of time.

Why is nanotechnology more effective for oral hygiene?

With natural ingredients like gold and silver nanoparticles, hydroxyapatite, and xylitol, Illuminate safely and effectively works its way around your teeth and gums without harming your natural enamel coating or good oral bacteria. Also, the silver nanoparticles are completely expelled from the body within 24 hours. This means that even after the silver has fulfilled its job, it won’t accumulate in your body or bloodstream after brushing your teeth.

Why doesn’t illuminate have fluoride?

We don’t use unnecessary additives commonly found in most toothpastes, like harsh foaming agents or fluoride, though Illuminate is every bit as effective. We use a natural mineral, called hydroxyapatite, to help remineralize teeth, and xylitol and silver nanoparticles help to prevent cavities and bad-breath bacteria.

Does Illuminate help whiten teeth?

Yes. Hydroxyapatite has natural whitening properties. Our natural toothpaste brightens teeth without the use of harsh peroxides that strip enamel and cause sensitivity!

I have sensitive teeth; can I use Illuminate toothpaste?

Absolutely! This orthodontist-formulated toothpaste was specially crafted for all levels of sensitivity. Compared to traditional products, Illuminate is less abrasive, thanks to ingredients like hydroxyapatite, which have natural anti-sensitivity properties.

Does Illuminate support overall health?

Yes. Good health starts in the mouth. Illuminate’s dynamic combination of natural ingredients helps establish a strong foundation for a healthy mouth, which can lead to improved benefits for overall health and digestion.

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