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How to Use

Supplement Facts

A daily dietary nitrate supplement that promotes natural nitric oxide (NO) production within the body to help support heart health, aid blood flow, and facilitate circulation and nutrient dispersion.

The Benefits of Boost

Cardio fuel at its finest

Boost is a proprietary formula designed to increase dispersion of nutrients within the blood through 2-in-1 nitric oxide (NO) support. Formulated with l-arginine AAKG and plant-based antioxidants, it promotes natural nitric oxide production within the body. Nitric oxide facilitates blood flow to help increase nutrient delivery through your body, boost circulation, and increase energy so that you can make the most of any workout, physical activity, or long day.


A Happy Gut is Key to a Healthy Body

Boost is cardio fuel at is finest. It promotes natural nitric oxide production in the body to enhance the amount of rich oxygen and vital nutrients that get delivered to cells, tissues, and organs, helping provide optimal circulatory-health results that can be felt throughout your entire body. Since maintaining healthy blood flow is crucial for optimal health, long-term Boost use will help support a heart-healthy life.


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