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The ScoopCelebrating our hardworking Tranont women on International Women’s Day

We’re always in awe of the hardworking women that surround us at Tranont. Thank you for your strength, resilience, and achievements. Here's to chasing dreams, and inspiring change!

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on just a few of the superwomen in our organization. We asked each of them how running a Tranont business has helped them grow and feel empowered. 

Here are their inspiring stories

lori allen 2.jpg

Lori Allen, Black Diamond, Vacaville, CA

“Running my Tranont business has given me the confidence and ability to truly transform lives for other moms like myself who have a desire for more. The corporate leadership is like no other, and because I always feel supported and loved it makes it easy to continue to share this opportunity with others. I am truly grateful”

Jacqueline Jensen 2.jpg

Jacqueline Jensen, Emerald, Meridian, ID

“Running a business and bringing in income while still being able to be present for my babies is something I always wanted but never thought would be possible. Tranont has not only provided financial compensation beyond my wildest dreams, it has surrounded me with women who daily build me up and empower me in incredible ways. To say this company has changed my life is a drastic understatement. I’m so thankful for all it provides for me every single day!”

Angela Wilson 2.jpg

Angela Wilson, Red Diamond, Brantford, ON

“I’ve been in this industry for 18 years and joined Tranont only 16 months ago. I’ve never felt more support in my entire career than I do here with Tranont! I know that my Blue Diamond leaders, the amazing corporate team, and the owners always have my back and I am so grateful for all of them.”

Candis Lacharite 2.jpg

Candis Lacharite, Diamond , Nanaimo, BC

“My Tranont business has helped me feel empowered by giving me control over my own business decisions, helping me develop leadership skills, providing financial independence, fostering personal growth, and allowing me to make a positive impact on others.”

Misty Lavurtue 2.jpg

Misty Lavertu, Black Diamond, North Battleford, SK

“For me, this industry is like home. I’ve discovered "my people". Being part of a profession that does not discriminate based on gender, background, or education is phenomenal. 

The ability to define your own goals, make decisions, earn a limitless income based on effort, and, most importantly, help others is a dream come true. Personal and professional development have been a priority of mine since I was very young, and knowing Tranont fosters learning and skill development is extraordinary. #grateful 

The potential to provide value to others and make a positive difference speaks directly to my core values of growth, impact, and leadership. It's truly fulfilling to assist others in achieving their objectives and improving their well-being. For me, the mix of ownership, financial freedom, personal/professional development, helping others, and making a difference is very rewarding. I believe that a life of success is wonderful, a life of significance, however, that will be remembered for decades.” 

sarah 2.jpg

Sarah Hollingsworth, Diamond, Stillwater, MN

“Tranont products are incredibly high impact, which means I get to literally change lives! 🔥 It’s extremely empowering to know that you have something to offer that no one else in the industry has.

We also have incredible systems here, which make my business so much easier and faster to run. And our compensation plan makes it really easy for me to get cash in the pocket of brand-new associates—something that’s rare in this industry!

All these things (plus many others) have helped me reach heights in my career that I’ve not been able to reach in any other company.”

candace tropeau 3.jpg

Candace Tropeau, Diamond, Chilliwack, MB

“One of the things that attracted me the most to this industry is the sense of community and the opportunity for women to see themselves in a different light. 

My deep passion is being able to support other people who feel left behind, who don't believe in themselves, or who have lost sight of their own value. I can help them make a change for themselves and their families. Tranont provides a safe place to learn, gain confidence, and experience personal development, and eventually change life. 

Joining Tranont changed my life, and I feel compelled to pay it forward. If I can impact even one person the way I have been impacted, then my cup is full.”

On International Women’s Day and everyday, Tranont provides an amazing opportunity for women (or anyone!) to earn a paycheck, build lasting connections, be recognized, feel empowered, and more! Click here to get started.