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How to Use
Product Facts

A pH-balancing rinse that uses silver and gold nanoparticles to naturally inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

The Benefits of Refresh


Strengthens Teeth & Prevents Cavities

We use non-ionic nanoparticles to naturally destroy bacteria in order prevent cavities and mouth irritations while strengthening teeth and gums. 


Brightens & Cleans Teeth

We use Hydroxyapatite to naturally brighten, strengthen, and remineralize teeth.


Neutralizes Oral Acid

Nano technology neutralizes oral acid and pH to help decrease plaque and minimize bad breath.

A Healthy Mouth Is Key to a Healthy Gut

Digestion begins long before the stomach; it starts in the mouth. And just as the good bacteria (probiotics) in your gut needs to be in balance, the good bacteria in your mouth is no different. Refresh’s nanotechnology keeps oral PH in balance, supports good bacteria, and directly benefits your overall health and digestion.